The Meridian Apps website needed to accurately describe the services it offered to help educate customers and lead open the doors to a conversation with Meridian.

The Meridian software works alongside Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons and compatible access points to bring users indoor turn-by-turn navigation, location awareness, and context-aware information. The company offers different ways to go about this: via their AppMaker software or via the SDKs they offer. The website needed to best portray the features that Meridian provides via each of it's two options. 

The best way to go about this was to create an engaging landing page that showcased Meridian's best features first, and then broke it down into its two camps: AppMaker and SDKs. It was important to me that the user understood a) what Meridian provides, and b) how the user could obtain it to best fit their needs. The rest of the site revolves around supporting that idea. 

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Of course, the site needed to be responsive as well. With so much engagement from mobile devices, especially with a product that revolves around smartphones, being responsive was imperative. I, alongside my senior designer, developed the website to break at specific sizes for certain catagories of devices. The most difficult feature to make look good at any size was the AppMaker / SDK table. I was dreaming of < tr > and < td > tags for days. 

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